005 – Apple, Encryption, and the FBI

On February 16, a federal judge – at the request of the FBI – ordered Apple to unlock a phone belonging to the man who shot up an office party in San Bernardino, California in December 2015. Apple released an open letter challenging that order, claiming it would set a dangerous precedent.

Would it? What exactly is the FBI demanding that Apple do? What legal basis do they have for demanding it? How is this different from other requests they’ve made in the past? What’s really at stake here? What’s really going on?

The technological and legal implications, today on The Context.

Extra Reading

Want to read more about encryption, or the FBI’s order, or Apple’s position? Here are some of my sources, and some things that I didn’t have time to elaborate on in the podcast.

The Play-by-Play

Technical Details

Implications in… China?

Code as “Speech”

Parting Thoughts…

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